Hawaii Personal Injury Lawyer Representing Injured Clients and Families Throughout Hawaiian Islands

Attorney Jeffrey Foster is dedicated to the aggressive and strategic prosecution of personal injury claims on behalf of Hawaii accident victims and their families. Mr. Foster represents Big Island residents as well as tourists and visitors to our islands who have suffered a serious injury as well as family members of victims of wrongful death accidents.

From the initial consultation to the final resolution of your personal injury claim, I handle all aspects of your case. I do not pass off important negotiations and litigation to a lesser experienced associate or staff person. All Foster Law clients receive Mr. Foster's personal cell phone number and are encouraged to call whenever the need to communicate an important aspect of the case arises.

Whether you are from Hawaii or visiting the Aloha state, I can help if you have suffered serious injuries in a car crash, bicycle accident, pedestrian accident, slip/trip and fall or other type of accident on any of the Hawaiian Islands.