Kailua-Kona Auto Accident Lawyer

The negligence involved in car and motorcycle crashes can take many forms. An inattentive or impaired driver could crash into you, resulting in serious injuries or the death of a loved one. Product defects involving the brakes, tires or steering can have similar tragic consequences.

A Skilled Big Island Personal Injury And Product Liability Attorney

Accident victims who live in or are vacationing on the Big Island come to Foster Law Offices, LLLC, with questions, specifically about insurance coverage. In most states, car accidents result in either no medical bills paid upfront or the negligent party’s insurance company taking care of those expenses. In Hawaii, your insurance company will pay your medical bills up to $10,000, regardless of who was at fault.

My clients also worry about their ability to work in the future and possible compensation for any wage loss. My job is to spend time with them during the initial consultation to learn about the accident and identify the driver or product manufacturer at fault. From there, I discuss their injuries. If policies exist, I review insurance information from all parties involved in the accident.

I build strong, fact-based personal injury claims with the goal of maximizing compensation. I deal with the insurance adjusters on your behalf and do not easily give in during settlement talks. Their goal is to undervalue your case, paying as little as possible in a quick settlement. My goal is to secure every dollar you are entitled to.

Free Initial Consultation — No Recovery, No Fees

For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced Kailua-Kona auto accident lawyer, please fill out my intake form or contact me at 800-481-2505 or 808-348-7800.