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As any victim and family member is well aware, a debilitating injury caused by a Hawaii auto accident affects every aspect of life.. Whether it’s a truck, car, motorcycle, bicycle or pedestrian accident, the insurance companies involved in these cases all have one thing in common: To Limit Your Financial Recovery. The business model of an insurance company is simple – collect and invest premiums from as many policyholders as possible then limit the amount they pay out to victims and their families when an accident claim arises. In order to protect their financial bottom line, insurance companies hire skilled insurance adjusters, attorneys, medical experts, accident reconstruction experts and others to minimize the payout to victims.

This is why hiring an experienced Hawaii auto accident lawyer is so important. Personal injury is all we do at Foster Law. We do not handle criminal cases, divorces, probate or any other area of law. We do not represent insurance companies, corporations or municipalities.

We represent humans – real people from all walks of life – who have suffered life-altering injuries and financial loss. We leverage our experience, knowledge and acumen to deliver the results that victims and their families need when faced with serious injuries, work loss and future uncertainty.

A Skilled Big Island Personal Injury And Insurance Attorney

Crash victims and their families often contact Foster Law Offices, LLLC, with questions about their injury claim and how insurance coverage may be available. There is a lot of information online about Hawaii insurance laws. Much of this information is either incomplete, incorrect, or misleading.

Compensation is available to victims of personal injury in Hawaii. Hawaii is not a “no fault” state. In other words, if a victim has suffered a serious personal injury and has incurred in excess of $5,000 in medical expenses, she or he may pursue a personal injury claim in Hawaii. Medical bills may be paid under Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or Medical Payment (MedPay) coverage of at least $10,000. After the PIP/MedPay has been exhausted, health insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid, may pay medical expenses above and beyond the sums paid under the PIP/MedPay coverage.

Ensuring That Our Clients Get The Compensation They Deserve

In addition to payments for medical bills, victims and their families may be eligible for compensation for past and future wage loss, loss of earning capacity (loss of ability to earn income), pain and suffering and various other forms of “damages.” Such compensation may be paid by an insurance company, corporation, municipality (such as state or local government) or an individual who caused the injuries. Unfortunately, those responsible to pay the compensation rarely pay willingly. Experience, strategy and the willingness to take a case to a jury trial are required to compel insurance companies and others to pay the compensations victims are entitled to under Hawaii law.

At Foster Law Offices, we work cooperatively with our clients, their families, medical providers and others to build strong, fact-based personal injury claims with the goal of maximizing compensation. I deal with the insurance adjusters and attorneys on your behalf and pursue claims with the singular objective of delivering the financial compensation needed to recover from the negligence that caused the injuries. The objective of the insurance company is goal to minimize your settlement. My goal is to secure justice by securing the fair and just compensation  you are entitled to.

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